4 Corners Ranch is a Christian family-owned farm providing a quality beef alternative & educating the consumer about different beef options.  We chose the Longhorn for beef because of its’ naturally lean quality, which yields a higher net finish weight. Longhorns are also naturally disease resistant, eat a variety of plant life and calve easier than commercial breeds, with little to no human intervention required.  Our beef is solely grass & hay fed year-round.  Our naturally-raised Longhorn beef is higher in CLA, Omega 3 & vitamin E. It’s also higher in beta-carotene and 100% finished and yields a dark, rich color and yellow-tinted fat. There is very little to no shrinkage when cooked.

We are proud to be recognized as a PICK TN grass-finished beef producer! We believe strongly in the relationship between man & beast: our responsible stewardship of providing for our beasts their naturally designed diet and harvesting their beef for the nutrients our bodies cannot receive from any other source. BETTER BEEF BY DIVINE DESIGN!