I am Tanika Harper, owner of Harper's Naturals, LLC. Harper's Naturals, LLC is a natural hair and skin care company that exists to give men and women the opportunity to have healthier skin and to decrease the risk of disease and illness. I live with Sjogrens, an auto-immune disease, and I know first hand what chemically infused cosmetics can do.  Harper's Naturals started because eliminating chemicals on my skin made a world of difference for my life. After sharing products with family and friends, I realized the greater need and Harper's Naturals was created.One in five cosmetics may have cancer causing agents per the Environmental Working Group. Also, many chemicals and preservatives may cause skin irritation, allergies, and organ damage.

All of my products are chemical and paraben free. Change your lifestyle, change your life. Be naturally you. Hope you enjoy the skin benefiting products.