Searching for a more flavorful alternative to crushed red pepper and a more versatile and healthier alternative to hot sauce, Olde Virden's created their signature blend, Red Hot Sprinkle.

Olde Virden's consists of five chili peppers that we dehydrate, grind, and bottle in our family run facility in Gatlinburg, Tennessee. We are proud that our product consists of one ingredient: chili peppers. There are no preservatives or additives.

Olde Virden's Red Hot Sprinkle will transform your favorite pizza or spaghetti sauce. Jazz up your chili or add it to your BBQ rub recipe. Our sprinkle is so versatile it takes fudge to the next level. We add it to our traditional Southern cheese straw recipe. We have spiced up hot cocoa mix and brownies. Olde Virden's will add a kick to any dish.

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