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New to chiles?  Here’s some news…they’re not all hot!  Healthful, delicious, and versatile products are our specialty.

Rushy Springs Farm’s first season was 2004, but it was established on the back of a lifetime of experience. It began as a diversified chemical free vegetable, herb, greens, and fruit producer. However, year by year, economic imperatives have forced specialization. Currently, production is concentrated in high quality garlic, a few carefully chosen heirloom tomato varieties, and over two dozen exceptional chilies that cover an extensive array of flavor and heat variations. In addition to selling fresh chilies, primarily at the Knoxville, TN Market Square Farmer’s Market and high end restaurants there, they are transformed into world class salt brine fermentation chile sauces as well as dried whole chilies and single variety gourmet chile powders. Rushy Springs Farm attempts to model all improvements along the lines of biodynamic, permaculture, devic, and other quantum technologies.

The centerpiece of Rushy Springs Farm’s unusual chile collection is one that is so unusual that, in fact, it is unique. It came here as a purchased plant that turned out to be a recessive gene hybrid. Fortunately, something inside Tennessee Jim must have been expecting and waiting for this gift to arrive. For, not having any experience with the variety he thought that he had purchased, he had no reason to believe that the plant was anything other than an open pollinated heirloom. All he knew for sure was that it was the best chile he had ever tasted. But, not only did he save seed, but he potted the plant and prepared to keep it alive through the winter. During the winter he rooted some clones. Then there were four. The fruit are the size and shape of wild cherries and have a similar texture. So they were christened Tennessee Cherry Chile. And so it goes……